I was falsely accused of hacking someone’s account. Here’s my story.

Yup, just another day — hacking, decoding, tech, lies, blackmail, and a perpetrator.

Jacob Collins Dodd
5 min readMar 24, 2022


Another day, another struggle that we face in life, and that’s something we have to admit. I won’t be mentioning any specifics, chiefly for security and safety, but I’m sure you can figure out the situation by everything provided. I was accused of hacking a friend and colleague’s account on a chat site named Slack, used in several different notions for jobs.

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Someone logged into, let’s call her… Mary, my good friend’s account (with her own password), most likely used AI software to emulate my writing style that you can do with as little as just one paragraph of mine in seconds. They texted a friend I had some conflict(s) with, sent them a long message that I know little information about, and included lots of noticeable nitpicks and additions that is, admittedly, pretty well incorporated from a writing style that I use a lot.

I think I know who exactly did this, however. I know it was an act of revenge towards me, as my perpetrator literally admitted to me that she did all of this blatantly. It wasn’t a sign, a decoded symbol; she [the perpetrator] just came out and said that she was the one who logged in. I’m honestly stupefied about just what she did, but understanding others’ feelings seems to not be a strong suit for my perpetrator, considering the immoralities of hacking someone and framing them is.

But it wouldn’t make any sense whatsoever, because IP addresses were cloned. To really confirm what she’s saying (and make sure she’s not covering for another person) — my friend, Mary, told me that the perpetrator was on ‘Mary’s’ device at this time; which, unfortunately, links any findable IP addresses to Mary’s computer, when my perpetrator is the true subject of investigation.

Administrators in my field of work have all the obvious evidence that makes it appear quite perfectly as if I was the person who logged into Mary’s account and then sent that message to someone I was having a conflict with — and that’s just the root of it all — quite incomparable to the real cherry on top, all the information that is perceived by the administrators. So let’s get started with one of my administrators, who you may picture as tall and scrawny.

We’ll call my vice principal, Lisa, to give her an alias. Lisa has, quite clearly, had at least a mild dislike for me ever since I set foot in this workplace — so she already holds a quite observable bias against me, discrimination-based or not. Lisa already has the pre-assumption in mind that I was the person responsible for the immoralities of “Mary’s” hacking situation, so I don’t think she ever got a chance to suspect anyone else but me.

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However, I’m a good target for stuff like this — because, unfortunately, white lies are not exactly an unventured area for me in the past. So there was absolutely no reason for Lisa to believe me. Unfortunately, the ideology of ‘innocent until concretely proven guilty’ doesn’t seem to be one of Lisa’s, which is understandable, don’t get me wrong, based on all the questionable proof and evidence that leads to me being the perpetrator.

However, for someone to have the amount of bias that I’m aware she does have on me (not based on discrimination, but based on our experiences in the past). She has me pinpointed for everything, despite all of the evidence I may have that proves me to not be the perpetrator, who we know is unnamed — I’d say. The idea that I was framed isn’t so ‘avant-garde’ or radical if you look at the messages deeply, with true critical thinking in mind.

The messages, for one, look absolutely glistening and perfect for screenshots — as it’s very clearly portrayed as me. Some of the messages that ‘I’ sent even include things like ‘Hi, this is Jacob,’ and even ‘You wouldn’t know how easy it was to enter this account’. Apparently, there was talk of messages sent where I claim to have sent a ‘paragraph-long’ message to the perpetrator about our issues, some even including chats I’ve had with a counselor (or, a therapist, if that’s the terminology you plan to use).

Me and the perpetrator used to be best friends, to the point where I’d tell her absolutely everything; nearly every detail about my visits with the counselor, even when we were on pretty transparent terms of things about a week or less ago. In some of the messages that our perpetrator (via tab-switching or computer-switching) sent to herself using Mary’s account, she mentions personal things about us such as counselor visits, and things I’ve talked to her about in the past. Honestly, that is something that I’m uneasy that our perpetrator remembers, considering we are nothing close to friends anymore. We truly haven’t been for about a month or more, so the fact she still remembers quite clearly is almost mind-boggling to me.

Lisa’s analysis of all this shouldn’t be a big heave after all this — she had absolutely no problem blaming me for everything (which I don’t totally blame her for), because, let’s face the music — it’s a way easier option than investigating a hacking situation when all the evidence pathways itself into me being the perpetrator. It looks rather horrendous on my part — and definitely looks like nothing on the perpetrator’s because she did a great job of emulating me, as aforementioned.

Now, what you could be saying to yourself right now is “You idiot, tell them about the perpetrator and what they said!”. Which would be a viable option — if Lisa had any more than one percent of belief in anything I plan to say, that is. However, the one thing I won’t do, no matter if it makes the situation easier or not, is to take ownership for something that I never did — especially for the sick mind of my perpetrator. And no matter how much I’m pressured to, no matter how much I may get the utter feeling to give up and reduce the severity of the situation, I’m not going to give up. Because what I plan on doing is defending myself, and fighting for the truth.